MWSA is Ready to Return to Play

Posted on March 19, 2021

It has been a long four and a half months since MWSA re-suspended its programming due to the Province of Manitoba moving into the Red – Critical phase of the pandemic response scale. In February, the Province began to allow individual training with one-on-one coaching instruction, and has since allowed small group training of no more than 10 athletes in early March.

With the reopening of facilities, and understanding that cases of COVID-19 remain low in our province in comparison to November 2020, MWSA is ready to proceed to reopening our programs.

MWSA will begin with reopening its wheelchair basketball program, followed by the wheelchair rugby program once that facility has decided to reopen to the public. If it appears that the venue will not reopen in the near future, MWSA may seek an alternative facility in order to restart that program.

All team sports will start, effective March 19, 2021, on phase 3 of MWSA’s Return to Sport Plan for Team Sports. This plan is presently modified to reduce athlete numbers to no more than 10 athletes, and that athletes/participants are required to wear a mask while participating. These adjustments are due to the current public health orders. Everyone is encouraged to review the new Return to Sport Plan as there have been various changes in that document.

Everyone is required to self-screen prior to attending programming using the Shared Health Self-Screening Tool. In addition, everyone is required to re-complete the COVID-19 Declaration Form as there has been some changes to this document. Links to these and other information can be found on the wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby pages.

We’re excited to restart our programs again. If you have any questions, please e-mail the office or get in touch with your coaches.

Welcome back Manitoba!

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