MWSA’s Return to Sport Plan

Posted on August 30, 2020

MWSA is pleased to announce its framework for returning back to sport after suspending programming due to COVID-19. As knowledge around the coronavirus continues to evolve, MWSA will actively update these plans to ensure they are aligned with the most recent, relevant medical information. The health and safety of all members of our association is our priority, and MWSA will alter its programming depending on local conditions.

MWSA’s Return to Sport Plans are based on the following principles:
1. Frequent, regular hand hygiene;
2. Regular cleanliness of equipment, including sport wheelchairs;
3. Adhering to principles of physical distancing (2 meters apart or 4 meters squared) wherever possible;
4. Smaller group sizes
5. Limiting physical contact and shared materials where possible (example: no communal water fountains);
6. Requiring those who do not feel well to be absent from programming, including non-COVID related ailments.

MWSA will authorize the resumption of training and programs as of September 1, 2020. Regular on-court programming will resume at the start of the 2020-2021 season, when facilities are available.

The following phases will be authorized as of September 1, 2020:
Wheelchair Basketball – Phase 3
Wheelchair Rugby – Phase 3
Wheelchair Tennis – Fully Approved
Sport Wheelchair Protocol – Phase 2

Each sport’s plan can be found under their program page alongside the Sport Wheelchair Protocol. The sport wheelchair protocol is only limited to wheelchairs owned by MWSA and do not outline specific requirements for personally owned sport wheelchairs.

As a member returning back to MWSA programming, what do I need to do?
Before returning back to our programming, all members are required to:
1. Self-evaluate their personal safety in returning back to sport with consideration of the risks of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Members may choose to have a conversation with their primary care doctor about their return to sport and physical activity. MWSA’s insurance does not cover any illnesses as a result of COVID-19.
2. Orientate yourself with the return to sport protocol for your sport. Adhering to the safety measures outlined in these documents is important to ensure programming can continue in a safe manner. MWSA will in short time develop a questionnaire for members to complete to ensure they have read the Return to Sport plans.
3. Complete the forms. MWSA will be releasing new membership forms, alongside new media waiver forms, declaration of compliance form, and an assumption of risk (under age of majority) or waiver (over age of majority) forms. These forms must be completed and returned to MWSA prior to attending programming.
4. Self-screening: prior to attending a program, members must self-screen using the Province of Manitoba’s self-screening tool (link will be available under each sport program’s page). Coaches will be asking members who arrive at programs if they have self-screened and some screening questions to verify the health of the member. If a member presents symptoms related to COVID-19, they must stay home. If symptoms are related to another known ailment (other infection, AD, etc.), they still must remain home to remain consistent in our symptom screening processes. While it is inconvenient to miss out on programming, we must remain vigilant to ensure everyone’s safety.
5. Follow direction from your coaches and MWSA staff. The situation surrounding COVID-19 is continuously evolving and may require adjustments from time to time in order to address local conditions. Please be respectful of MWSA’s coaches and staff if they bring up a new process related to COVID-19.

Each sport’s return to sport plan can be found under “Programs” and then by clicking the specific sport.
Members are asked to complete the questionnaire related to the sport programs they will participate in. In addition, MWSA will host three virtual Q&A sessions at 6:00 PM on September 2nd, 7th, & 10th. If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please follow the link under the event on our home page to RSVP.

We look forward to inviting everyone back onto the court in the near future.

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