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Team Manitoba at the 2018 Junior Nationals

As one of the exciting sports in the Summer Paralympic Games, wheelchair basketball takes the thrilling game of basketball and throws it on wheels. The rules of wheelchair basketball are very similar to the stand-up version of basketball with some minor adjustments to meet the needs of the game in a wheelchair. Wheelchair basketball is a sport for everybody, as athletes are classified based on the type of disability that they have – ranging from 0.5 to 4.5. At no point can a team have more than 14 point values on the court. Athletes without a disability can also play the sport and are automatically classified as a 4.5 athlete.

MWSA offers a variety of programming from recreational play all the way to supporting an athlete’s dream to the Paralympics. MWSA recognises the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and gears programming to the appropriate stages of an athlete’s development. To view this model, please follow the link at the bottom of the page.

MWSA Programs:

1. Recreation Division

The Recreation Division focuses on the Active Start and FUNdamentals stages of the LTAD Model. This division is ideal for athletes who are new to the sport of wheelchair basketball, or who wish to continue to develop their fundamental skills. This division primarily uses fun activities to teach the fundamental skills of basketball: moving the wheelchair, handling the ball, dribbling, passing the ball, etc. Once these skills are acquired, the athlete will have the necessary skills to progress into a higher intensity program in the sport.

2. Club Program

MWSA’s Club Program focuses on the Learn to Train stage of the LTAD Model. The Learn to Train stage focuses on the overall sport-specific skills required to play wheelchair basketball. Specifically, our Club Program will introduce drill-based practices that introduce athletes to the technical and tactical basics of the sport. Additionally, game-play is also introduced through friendly inter-squad scrimmages.

Athletes in this program may also have the opportunity to travel to regional or national competitions as part of the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League. While Manitoba currently does not have an established team in the league, there are opportunities for athletes to join other teams, or for Manitoba to compete at the CWBL Nationals in April. It is important to note that a team may be only registered if the competition environment is suitable for the development of our athletes.

3. Provincial Team (Canada Games Program)

MWSA’s Provincial Team focuses on athletes eligible to compete in the Canada Winter Games, a tournament that occurs every four years. Athletes eligable for this program must be 23 years old or younger at the time of the Games. The next Canada Winter Games will be in 2019.

As part of the preparation for the Canada Winter Games, athletes go through more extensive training than that offered in MWSA’s other streams. These include higher intensity drills focuses on the tactical elements of the games, as well as weekend camps, sport science support, etc.

Not sure which program to join?

If you are unsure which program is best for you, please feel free to contact the MWSA Office or speak with our coaches.





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